Jerusalem plein-air. Ольга Кундина

29, Апрель 2012 · внутренняя страница

This project is very important for me, personally. To begin with, I live very far, in Rosh Pina, and at a certain point I start to stew in my own juice, not often meeting other artists.

This project means collaboration with Sasha Florensky again, thus having a nostalgic element. Sasha is an important artist for me. A long time ago, in Feropontovo, we actually worked together on a plein-air. In fact, it is fair to say that my conscious life as an artist started from that time. Sasha had influenced me greatly then, so that now, after such a period of time, having accumulated the experience, to meet him again and work on a joint project, but this time in the country where I live – it is extremely interesting. First of all, to be able to see these places trough his eyes – as a viewer from the side, he perceives and conveys in a minimalist way, certain things that one ceases to see, when living here on a permanent basis. Although his view is a touristic one, he has the ability to drill this down to a formula, which, in a way, is something that I am looking for as well. To find the minimal plastic solution, the formula that would provide for the specific place, time and situation…

Working from nature is very important in this sense, because when you are closed in your studio, solving you own personal challenges – it is great, but when you go out, you clear your consciousness, you get plugged into the life rhythm again. It is a highly valuable experience, because one has to learn, in this situation, on the spot, to make choices. On the one hand, you are there, you start perceiving actively, but on the other hand you must already possess the capabilities, as an artist, to quickly orientate yourself, to decide what you need and what not. You have to decide in this very moment how to solve the task – the composition, the means – it is a huge and complicated challenge. When you don’t engage with such undertakings for a long while, and then go outside to paint, you understand how hard and important that is. In my view, it is an absolute necessity for every artist, to be engaged in such a plein-air from time to time. One starts to deal again with the most important, core challenges of an artist, it just clears your mind.

In addition, this project has brought me a few gifts – I got to meet two wonderful women artists, whom I hadn’t been acquainted with before – Tanya Sergeeva and Tutu Kiladze. It is absolutely magnificent , to meet people who are working now in other countries, and suddenly you find yourself in the same project, the same situation with them. To see what they do… In general, it is important to see what others do.

From a conversation with Olga Kundina. April 2012, Jerusalem.


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