Vanishing Zones 1991-1995

Roi Kuper


Born in 1956, Israeli photographer Roi Kuper has been working since the mid 1980’s in the photographic medium, philosophically exploring and investigating its nature both in black and white and in col... continue reading »

Events / Exhibitions


Leonid Zeiger. “Knight, Lady, Dragon”


A personal exhibition by Leonid Zeiger “Knight, Lady, Dragon" was opened on June 16th at the Jerusal... continue reading »



Eliezer Sonnenschein


Interview with Eliezer Sonnenschein, one of the most intriguing and successful contemporary Israeli ... continue reading »

Events / Exhibitions

Photo: Lena Smelansky

Art Comes Out. Nachlaot


April 16th, 2014, the "Jerusalem Chameleon Society" conducted a street exhibition “ART COMES OUT”.... continue reading »

Events / Exhibitions

The Wandering Jerusalem. Leonid Zeiger


A personal exhibition by Leonid Zeiger "The Wandering Jerusalem" was opened on April 8th at the Jer... continue reading »

About the project:

Our project is an attempt to look at the creative and private life of an artist as an indivisible reality. A work of art as a concept swept the artist aside; instead the focus has shifted to curators, art critics, promoters – i. e. art technologists and dealers. We wish to put the artist in a primary position. This is not a commercial project and not an artists’ association, rather, it is meant to invite to dialogue. read more>

Artists: Max Epstein

January 17th, 2014


CoalBorschtLand of the jackal


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People and Places

  • Portugal impressions Porto

    For the text “Protugal Impressions” by Leonid Zeiger, please refer to the Hebrew or Russian version of this page.