Sergey and Olga Kamennoy. Тhe album of a discharged soldier .


We are glad to present “ Тhe album of a discharged soldier” - a collective project of Sergey and Olga Kamennoy, artists who live and work in France since 2003. A short introduction by Sergey about ... continue reading »

Events / Exhibitions


Leonid Zeiger. “Knight, Lady, Dragon”


A personal exhibition by Leonid Zeiger “Knight, Lady, Dragon" was opened on June 16th at the Jerusal... continue reading »



Eliezer Sonnenschein


Interview with Eliezer Sonnenschein, one of the most intriguing and successful contemporary Israeli ... continue reading »

Events / Exhibitions

Photo: Lena Smelansky

Art Comes Out. Nachlaot


April 16th, 2014, the "Jerusalem Chameleon Society" conducted a street exhibition “ART COMES OUT”.... continue reading »

Events / Exhibitions

The Wandering Jerusalem. Leonid Zeiger


A personal exhibition by Leonid Zeiger "The Wandering Jerusalem" was opened on April 8th at the Jer... continue reading »

About the project:

Our project is an attempt to look at the creative and private life of an artist as an indivisible reality. A work of art as a concept swept the artist aside; instead the focus has shifted to curators, art critics, promoters – i. e. art technologists and dealers. We wish to put the artist in a primary position. This is not a commercial project and not an artists’ association, rather, it is meant to invite to dialogue. read more>

Artists: Tanya Karavan

November 21st, 2011


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  • Portugal impressions Porto

    For the text “Protugal Impressions” by Leonid Zeiger, please refer to the Hebrew or Russian version of this page.