Jerusalem. Uli Boker

30, March 2010 · People and Places

Uli Boker was born 1939 in Germany; Survived Hitler’s Reich in a Catholic Orphanage.
Began work as a Freelance Photographer after High School. Lived and worked in Algeria, Morocco, Ireland (for “Daily Reports”), Spain, Mexico and U.S.A.
Worked 10 years as a Fashion and Advertising Photographer in Dusseldorf, Germany.
Exhibited his works in Germany, Mexico, Spain and Israel.

Established a multimedia company in 1977 “AV78″. Worked with numerous organizations, including the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Hebrew Agency.
Illustrated “Jerusalem: the Measure of a Year” a book published by Carta, the Jerusalem Post. After an interlude of 15 years as Father/ Interior Designer/ Builder, picked up the Camera and returned to Photography.
Photos Published in Eretz Magazine. Currently finishing Album on Jerusalem (Photography and Script).
Fields of Interest: The Human Face of Jerusalem; Portraiture; City- and Landscapes.

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