Ronny Marcus

24, April 2010 · People and Places

Ronny Marcus answers questions regarding his extraordinary abilities as well as demonstrating telekinesis, bending metal objects and more.

Filmed by Leonid Zeiger. Jerusalem, 2010.

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  1. eli
    13.07.2011 в 9:21 pm

    Ronny is amazing man. And this is incredible video. Can you translate it in english ?

    • eli
      17.07.2011 в 9:03 pm

      Is there are some information about Ronny Marcus ? May be he has published some of the books ?

  2. eyal
    19.08.2010 в 1:26 pm

    I owe my life to him

    • LORA
      1.03.2012 в 1:42 pm

      I would like to ask Ronny Markus how possible defend super sensitive brain from all negative influence ,HAARP super low sound radiation e.t.c ?

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