Performance in St. Petersburg, 1989

17, May 2010 · Events / Exhibitions

In 1989, at the opening of the exhibition “The Wall”, I have seen a performance of the theater “DEREVO” for the first time. Back then, their performances were triggering very different reactions among the Soviet spectators: from amazement and admiration to open aggression. I felt that the ideas of the theater were so close to me, that I immediately proposed to Anton Adasinsky to arrange a joint action.

“DEREVO” is not residing in St. Petersburg anymore, they only arrive once in a while with performances. Dmitry Tulpanov has created his own theater “Klipa”, together with Idit Herman, and lives in Tel Aviv. Merkushev is in Germany. Tanya Khabarova lives in Italy and tours throughout the world. Sometimes there is an opportunity to meet each other, as for instance at the festival arranged by “Klipa” in June 2008.

Participants: DEREVO Theater, Leonid Zeiger, Sergey Denisov, Gluklya Pershina, Alexander Korolev

Leonid Zeiger, Jerusalem, 2010

Photos from a farewell party at the Dead See, June 2008. Jerusalem. Dead See. Following the “Klipa Aduma” Festival

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