Project “Grobman”

16, July 2010 · Events / Exhibitions

17.07.2010 – 13.08.2010, Opening: 17 July, 20:00. “Kishon” Gallery, Tel Aviv, Frug st. 31, tel. 972-3-5225069

The Israeli artist and poet Michail Grobman immigrated to Israel from Moscow in 1971. Grobman is the only representative of the Second Russian Avant-Garde (the most progressive art
movement in the USSR during that period, with artists such as Illya Kabakov, Erik Bulatov and others), who decided to settle in Israel, and immediately gained attention, appreciation and even a solo exhibition at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art. But, true to his way, he later consciously put himself at an opposition to the local art scene.

Grobman’s action paradoxically connects various cultural traditions, and his ideas represent a critical outlook on the state of global art, and in particular on the development of Israeli art. These choices explain Grobman’s unique situation within the local art sphere, a uniqueness which raises discourse.

As part of the ”Grobman“ project, the participating group of artists copy Grobman’s paintings with a maximal level of accuracy, but use fluorescent colours that glow in Ultraviolet lighting. The use of these materials locates Grobman’s elitist attitudes towards both ideology and aesthetics in a context of psychedelic pop culture, and thus opens new options for interpretation and an intriguing mixture of appreciation and irony with respect to the past.

The ”Grobman“ exhibition is a project of the ”Collective“ group, as a hommage to the artist it brings about a conceptual practice of ”appropriation art“. It raises the issue of the creator’s
uniqueness and the value of the original work in an era of technical copying. The decision to take this approach stems from the desire to internally connect with Grobman’s work, to walk step-by-step in his path while letting go of the self-expression) a practice that is unknown to us in a hommage exhibitions, and as a result to create a sort of retrospective exhibition that in fact has no original works. The personal of each artist represents itself in brief and concise moments.

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