Gennady Zechmaister

8, August 2010 · Visiting Artists

A leap into the water
The first time I saw Sezannes Painting ” The Gardner Vallier ” 1906, I told myself “this is how I want to paint”.

At the age of 21, I jumped into the water: I started painting. An inner voice told me that first I must learn how to paint.”first paint then learn”I replied in return.

So at that age, without any prior expertise or experience I jumped head first and clueless into the world of drawing and painting. The moment the colors “speak to me”" is the moment I’m happy.
I found the power of Impressionism, Van Gogh and Sezanne. The beginning of the painting lies in observation and then sketching. After 5 years of experimenting with drawing, painting and after studying Industrial design, I can’t avoid wondering “what’s next”? Where do I go from here, once the painting becomes unsatisfying?

Creativity as a muscle which can be developed
I look at the children’s paintings and they teach me how to experience the painting, how to be spontaneous, to become inseparable part of the painting and to invent it again and again.
I learnt not to think of the finished product rather as a living and breathing thing, inseparable from daily life.
Throughout those years I went deeply into the work of Picasso, De Kooning and Baskyeet.
As autodidact I haven’t studied in any academic framework so I don’t feel compelled to belong to one school or another.
I have contacted many talented Israeli painters such as Leonid Zeiger, Avi Sabach, Ivan Shvabel, Elazar Levin , Boris Lakar. Though conversations with them and their critique I have evolved as an artist.

Art of doing

My first exhibition in “Beit Haomanim” was named “Art of doing”. Curator and painter Shai Azulai.
For me, this name describes my work best during that period.
I didn’t think twice before laying the color on the fabric and yet I knew what I was going to paint. The Characters are my actors and the play a leading act in my paintings.
Each figure has its name and its story.

In the painting I build a world and take responsibility for it
The Carman (modern centaur) is a mystical figure with super powers.
Another figure is Jepusaleman (it’s my nickname for Jerusalem). It’s an
eternal Jerusalemite man and his good friend a white donkey.
The Sun Boilerman, is a man on a roof, the final level between the sky and the earth, between materialism & spiritualism.
Each of the characters has a background and similarities to the world in which live.
I don’t paint fantasy, rather than interpret the reality throgh the artist in me.


Gennady Zechmaister

1974-born in Ukraine
Art education:
1997-99 Industrial design , Hadassa College , Jerusalem
1999-2001 Two years course for art teacher “Musrara”, Jerusalem

2008-member in association of artists
2009-2011- Member of cooperative art gallery “Agripas 12″ Jerusalem
Personal exhibitions:
2004-Culture Center-Hilel 27, Jerusalem
2009 -”Agripas 12″ Jerusalem “Adventure of Moshe Brown”
2011- “Agripas 12″ Jerusalem “Paintings 2009-2011″
Group exhibitions:
2001-art school “Musrara”, Jerusalem
2004 -Culture Center “Te’ena”, Jerusalem
2008 -”New members” exhibition, ” Artist House”, Jerusalem
-Jerusalem-surface fractures , ” Artist House”, Jerusalem
2009 – “September” “Agripas 12″ Jerusalem
-”Sweet home” “Artapart” gallery, Tell Aviv
– “4×4″ “Agripas 12″ Jerusalem
– “Secret art” bank Laumi art project, Tell Aviv
2010 – “Visit Card” “Gross gallery”, Tell Aviv
– “Rites of passage” “Agripas 12″ Jerusalem
– “Fresh Paint 3″, “Agripas 12″ Tell Aviv
– “Presently Speaking” Kayma Gallery, Tell Aviv

– “Sketch for 3D object” Agripas 12″ Jerusalem
– The Fourth Biennale for Drawing , Jerusalem
2011 – “Fresh Paint 4″, “Agripas 12″ Tell Aviv
– “Annual report 3″ Kayma Gallery, Tell Aviv

– “Starting from scratch” Agripas 12″ Jerusalem

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