“Four Walls” Exhibition

22, November 2010 · Events / Exhibitions

Four Walls, an exhibition opened November 6th at the “Agripas, 12″ Gallery, Jerusalem, addresses urban landscapes through the perspectives of four artists’ – Lena Zaidel, Boris Yuhvetz, Tenno Sooster and Oded Zaidel. The exhibit features Lena Zaidel and Tenno Sooster’s landscapes and imaginary sceneries incorporating figurative elements, the symbolic images of Boris Yuhvetz‘s, and Oded Zaidel’s refined, borderline abstract paintings.

Camera: Dima Noff, Montage: Dima Noff, Lena Zaidel

Lena Zaidel’s color drawings depict a wolf-ridden city, signaling a warning call, accompanied by their role as shamanic natural forces waking the city streets from a deep slumber. Gold paint and chalk are reminiscent of early Renaissance frescos, transforming her work into dynamic modern icons.

Initially, Boris Yuhvetz‘s paintings appear innocent and tender, misleading viewers with their harmonious appearance, refined color-scheme and soft contours. Yet under this façade lurk provocative, political, erotic messages, a piercing social critique and images of aliens and monsters. The result is a surprising contrast between the content’s severity and gentle form.

Tenno Sooster’s drawings depict city streets lined with the shadows of insects, towers and electric poles slicing the skyline like mechanical monsters. The contrast between the new and time-honored elements creates a tangible sense of tension in his work: imagery from a contemporary and modern city as opposed to ancient archetypal images, and classical sketching techniques versus close-up frames and unexpected composition cuts.

Oded Zaidel’s series of paintings refers to early 20th century Constructivist painting. In his paintings, the landscapes are translated into simple geometrical shapes, retaining ample sense of the material, as well as the sites’ specific identities. Oded Zaidel treats this theme with detachment, observing from afar the two viewers studying the landscape.

Lena Zaidel

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