Shimon Lev.”Winter at Lachish Al Fawkar”

19, June 2011 · People and Places

The series was photographed during winter of 2010 – 2011 at an IDF (Israeli Defense Force) training facility called “Lachish Al Fawkar” (Upper Lachish). The dummy village was built by a special army building department after intensive research on the structure of a Palestinian village. The training facility resembles typical Palestinian village for the use of the regular and reserve army soldiers, during training for security activities in the West Bank. The building’s walls are made of iron constructions and covered with boards. On some of the walls there are paintings and images which represent the architecture and the daily life of a village. The wall paintings create an illusion: “Is it a real place or a kind of ‘Cinema village’ “? The photography project looks upon the Israeli reality – personal, political and at the same time hallucinatory.

The project is part of a solo exhibition – “Schizophrenia” which was exhibited in 2011 at “Agripas 12″ Gallery in Jerusalem. In the exhibition I was investigating my identity as an ex-elite unit soldier in the IDF, through personal aspects and contexts of my Biographical Israeli Landscape.

Shimon Lev was born in Jerusalem 1962. Studied Photography, Hadassah College, Jerusalem (1986-1988). Inter-disciplinary artist, photographer and curator, conducted exhibitions in Israel and abroad. Many art & literal, academic publications. Completed his B.A and M.A. degree with Theses (with Excellence) in Indian studies (2009) – The Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Presented more than fifteen solo exhibitions and participated in more than fifty group exhibitions.  Works are in museums, galleries and private collections.

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