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14, June 2013 · Projects

Zvi Tolkovsky has been creating artist books for many years. Nowadays, he is working on a first publication of his artist book. Towards the launching of this book, planned for the end of 2013, we decided to publish materials from Zvi’s artist books, including selected layouts from the future publication.

The idea of the book, as explained by Zvi, is not built on a “story”, it is not to be read from the beginning to end, in a certain order. It is kind of a text book, full of materials and images, the sort of book that is being kept on the working table, to glance trough from time to time. It seems to us that artist books of Zvi Tolkovsky, out of all media he works in – painting, printed graphics, sculpture and more – demonstrate, in the most striking and clear way, the principle of his creation and artistic search. This is immediately connected with the idea behind the Art In Process project, which strives to unveil the creative process and what is behind it.

The artist book of Zvi Tolkovski will be published thanks to the contribution of Israel National Lottery Council for the Arts. Design and production: Batya Segal, photographs: Shlomo Serry.

Video interview with Zvi Tolkovsky on Art In Process

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