Art Comes Out

18, May 2015 · Projects

“Art Comes Out” video – an overview of actions that took place in Jerusalem and the Judean desert during 2014 and the beginning of 2015.

Participating artists: Anatoly Basin, Alexander Galitsky, Izmail Galin, Michail Grobman, Max Epstein, Julia Shulman, Zvi Tolkovsky, Sasha Naumov, Leonid Zeiger, Lena Zaidel,Oded Zaidel, Gennady Zechmaister.

Concept and curatorship: Leonid Zeiger

What will happen if one superimposes the space of the landscape with the painted space of canvases? Art works, brought out from the artists’ studios and installed in the urban environment or the bare desert, may be interpreted as a sarcasm on behalf of the authors, or just the opposite – a genuine attempt to alter the visual perception of places well-known, a sort of juxtaposition of art and “reality”.

Art Comes Out from on Vimeo.

Additional materials from the project:



Leonid Zeiger. The Wandering Jerusalem

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