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Anatoly Baratynsky

CV and contacts

1962 Born in Ufa, Russia
Graduated from the Magnitogorsk Pedagogical Institute, Art Department.
Became member of the Artists Union of the former USSR.
1991 Arrived in Israel.
1992 Became member of the Israeli branch of the International Artists Association.

The Ish Shalom Prize laureate. Jerusalem. Israel.
1997 Award ,,Certificate of Merit” Art Addiction International Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden.
1998 Diploma 1st International Art Annual ,,Masks in Venice”. Italy.
2003 Medal and Diploma. Tatra Art Museum of Poprad, Slovakia.
2006 Diploma ,,Third International Biennial of Graphics”. St. Petersburg, Russia.
Third place award. The Charlotte Chapter of the Interior Design Society’s 2006.NC, USA.

The Art Museum, Yad Vashem, Jerusalem, Israel.
Natural History Museum. Jerusalem, Israel.
Art Gallery of the Bank Leumi. Tel-Aviv, Israel.
Museum Contemporary Russian Art. Jersey City, USA.
Museum Contemporary Russian Art. Paris, France.
Tatra Art Museum. Poprad, Slovakia.
Alla Bulyanskaya Art Gallery. London, UK.
Alla Bulyanskaya Art Gallery. Moscow, Russia.
Museum of Modern Graphics. St. Petersburg, Russia.
Nesterov Art Museum, Geological Museum. Ufa, Russia.
Regional Art Museum, Kurgan, Russia
Design Center. Chelyabinsk, Russia.

Catalogues of exhibitions and albums in English and Hebrew

  1. Pictures return to Russia, pictures remain in Russia. 1991. Catalogue of the International Art Exhibition. Moscow. Paris. New York.
  2. Exodus. 1991. Catalogue Art Auction-Exhibition. Jerusalem Mayanot Gallery in Meridian Hotel. Nice, France.
  3. Myths of Israel.1997. Catalogue Art Exhibition. Art Addiction Gallery, Sweden.
  4. Masks in Venice. 1998.Catalogue 1st Venice Annual, organized by Art Addiction Gallery, Sweden.
  5. JUBILEE. 1998. Catalogue of the Painters Exhibition at the Vinery. Municipality of RishonLe-Zion. Israel.
  6. Autumn Exhibition – Jerusalem Artists. 1999. Catalogue. Jerusalem Cultural Center. Israel.
  7. 33*33. 2000. Catalogue Art Exhibition. Jerusalem Artist House. Israel.
  8. Personal Preferences. 2000. Catalogue Art Exhibition. The Zetlin Museum of Russian Art.Ramat-Gan. Israel.
  9. WORLD of ART. 2000. Special Issue. International Art Magazine. Sweden.
  10. Spring Exhibition – Jerusalem Artists. 2001. Catalogue. Jerusalem Cultural Center. Israel.
  11. Transparent Walls. 2001. Catalogue Art Exhibition. Jerusalem International ConventionCenter. Israel.
  12. Jerusalem Anthologia. 2001. 27 Israeli Artists in the Special Issue of Jerusalem LiteraryReview. Israel.
  13. The Jerusalem Lions. 2002. Catalogue Public Auction. Municipality of Jerusalem. Israel.
  14. Shapes of Art. 2003 Catalogue International Art Symposium. Tatra Art Museum. Poprad.Slovakia.
  15. SPECTRUM. 2003. Jerusalem Art Project. Teena Gallery. Israel.
  16. Lions for the children of Jerusalem. 2003. Catalogue Art Auction. The New JerusalemFoundation. South Florida. USA.
  17. International Art Exhibition. 2003. Catalogue . Tiroche Auction House. Israel.
  18. Jewish Art Festival. 2004. Catalogue. Jerusalem Cultural Center. Israel.
  19. Lions of Jerusalem. 2004. Catalogue Public Auction. Ramat Aviv Mall. Tel Aviv. Israel.
  20. The Victory Day. 2005. Catalogue Art Exhibition. Israeli Professional Artists Association.Israel.
  21. Landscape. New Realism. 2005.Catalogue of the Artist Anatoly Baratynsky. Cardo Gallery 1984. Jerusalem, Israel.
  22. Third International Biennial of Graphics. 2006. Catalogue Art Exhibition. The Fund Contemporary Graphics Art. St. Petersburg. Russia.
  23. Anatoly Baratynsky Painting. 2007. Album. Rozen Art Gallery-Cardo. Jerusalem, Israel.
  24. Breaking the Rules. 2007. Catalogue Print Exhibition. Jerusalem Quality House. Israel.
  25. ARTSESSION 2007. Contemporary Israeli Artists from Russia. Album. Studio Roz, Jerusalem, Israel.
  26. Fourth International Biennial of Graphics. 2008. Catalogue Art Exhibition. The Fund Contemporary Graphics Art. St. Petersburg. Russia.
  27. Female Nude in the Retro Style. 2008. Catalogue of the Artist Anatoly Baratynsky. Jerusalem Quality House and Studio Roz. Israel.
  28. Art Jerusalem Fair. 2008. Catalogue of the International Art Exhibition.Underground Prisoners Museum. Israel.
  29. Is painting non-actual art?! 2009. Catalogue Art Exhibition. TONDO.The Association of figures of arts. Jerusalem, Israel.

E-mail: anatoly8562@gmail.com

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