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Boris Katz


1964: Born in Russia
1982 to 1989: Studies ceramics and glass art at the prestigious “Muhin” Academy, Sankt Petersburg.
1988-1990: Industrial Designer at a ceramics factory in Pskov, Russia.
1990: Immigrates with his family and lives in Jerusalem.
1991-1999: Participates in the fair “Hotzot Ha-Yotzer”, Jerusalem.
1993: Joins “Ceramics Artists Association of Israel” (CAAI)
1997: Founds, with his friends the gallery “Guild” – Yoel Moshe Solomon 27, Jerusalem.
1999 December: Demo at the symposium of Ceramics Artists, Tel – Hai.
2001 to 2009: Participated in the fair “Kad Va-homer”, Ra’anana
2003: Participated at the International Art Symposium “Vysne Ruzbachy”, Slovakia
12.2004-03.2005: Participates the third biennial of Israeli ceramics art.
2006: Participates in the exhibition “Animals and Smiles” “The Raku gallery”, Kastra senter – Haifa, Israel.
2007: First place at the international biennial of ocarinas Organized by the Museum of Bricks and Terracotta ornaments in Marsciano – Perugia, Italy
2007: Demo at the symposium of Ceramics Artists, Tel – Hai.

Works aquired by the following museums:
“Tatra Gallery” Poprad, Slovakia.
“Museum of Bricks and Terracotta” Perugia, Italy
Private collections throughout the world.

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