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Edward Levin


Edward Levin (1934-2019)was born in Minsk, Belarus. Since the end of 1941 to 1945 he lived in Bogorodsk Gorky region.
In 1945 he returned to Minsk, where he studied painting and drawing from well known artists S. Katkov, N. Tarasikov and E. Krasowski and after that – in the Theater and Art Institute in Minsk, where he was discharged as not corresponding to the methods and principles of socialist realism.
He graduated from the Timber Industry Institute, worked as an architect – designer and artist in the field of monumental and decorative art.
Designed and implemented several monumental memorial complex on the territory of Belarus, including a monument to the Jews – the victims of fascism – in the village Dolginovo Vilejka district, Minsk region (1966), a memorial complex at the entrance to the farm Luban, Minsk region (1967).
In 1976, after years of refusal by the authorities from leaving the Soviet Union emigrated to Israel.
In 1979 he created a monumental and decorative painting school of the Arab village of Al-Suvahre in East Jerusalem.
Lives and works in Jerusalem.

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