Digital Art. Jerusalem, 2009

Recently I have visited London. In Tate Britain there was Francis Bacon exhibition – outstanding British artist of 20th century. It was general event. I wandered across London and have constantly come across Bacon. His works were everywhere: in the underground, on street posters, on sides of buses, on packages in hands of passers-by. It seemed, London air was impregnated in his images. And people suddenly started to look like Bacon images: grotesque and lonely.
I photographed London. And when I have come back home, there was a requirement to address to Bacon again. So thanks to synthesis of photos and impressions of his exhibition my series Baconiada appeared.
The model of Bacon’s space is theatrical; his person stays on a scene lonely and bared. I have kept these stylistics, on the one hand very rigid and conditional, but at the same time giving a big plastic freedom.
My works were born in the computer. In my opinion, Bacon has anticipated computer deformations. Therefore language of a digital drawing is quite pertinent in dialogue with him. I did not put to myself a task to “repeat” Bacon, I simply wished to communicate to him.

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Galina Bleikh

Album 1 – “Baconiada”, “Family Album”
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