Gold and Black

Series. Jerusalem,. 20 х 20 cм. Jerusalem, 2010 I make my pictures using the Israeli earth – the earth of the Promised Land. I put it on canvases, revealing and concentrating the spiritual light inherent to it, in which any imaging is excessive. “Paints” which I use are kneaded on millennia, impregnated with the sun and consecrated by world religions. Therefore, their Divine energy is so strong. Today the civilization has littered the world with artificial visual signs attacking us from TV and computer screens, sticking out of our mail boxes, gazing at us from walls of buildings, filling the earth underfoot and the sky overhead. All of them want to replace real life by themselves. I offer to rest from their persuasive insistence. My works are free not only from imaging, but also from any other visual dependence. They represent pure spaces, where only a prayer can exist. The earth on a canvas is the natural phenomenon: since from ancient times until our days artists apply the soil colors as picturesque pigments. These pigments are strong and steady against atmospheric influence. Often they are called in honor of those places where they have been found. I name my colors so: Qumran ocher, Timna red, Jerusalem golden, Shiloah white. I use “pure material”, revealing its primordial form. My goal is to achieve in my works the sense of sounded earth, being transformed from the material substance to the spiritual one. From this follows the absolute minimalism of composite decisions. I am interested in a model of the ideal world in which matter does not hide, but transmits light. Through the shadow, the light becomes even more tangible and visible. To skip it’s presence to the world and to make a border of material as a manifestation of infinity.

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Galina Bleikh

Album 2 – “Gold and Black”, “New icon”
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