Nadia Adina Rose


Artist, illustrator and art teacher.
She was born in Moscow and studied at the Art Academy, at Department of Fine Art and Teaching.
Nadia Adina immigrated to Israel in 1990 and studied at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, received her B.A.
In 1995 she joined the Jerusalem Artists and sculptors association.
Nadia Adina builds wall installations from paint fragments that also include aspects of sculpture and relief.
Her works stand in a space that is between the figurative and the abstract, and bring about bits of memories.
Her works deal with delicate cultural items linked to the subject of time.
They are made of many layers, rich in media and usually have a long process in their creation.
Nadia Adina Rose participated in numerous exhibitions, among them: The Jerusalem Artists House, The Nahum Gutman museum, The Mumhe Gallery, The Avi Steinitz Gallery, The Jerusalem Theatre, The New Gallery.
In same time she illustrates books that were published by various publishers, like Modan Publishing House, Hakibbuz Hameuchad Publishing House, Yedioth Ahronoth books and Chemed Books, Kineret Publishing House.
She has illustrated: “A Tale Of One King And Many Colours”, ” Ms. Board and Mr. Rolling-Pin” by Datia Ben Dor, “How The Leopard Got His Spots” by Ora Morag, “How Beary Lovely” by Michal Snunit, “Why is the Sky so White today?” by Mirik Snir and etc.
These illustrations make use of different techniques according to their subjects.

Nadia Adina lives and works in Jerusalem, creates, teaches art and illustration (at classes, workshops and seminars overseas) as well as computer graphics, designs books and websites.

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