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Tenno Pent Sooster


In this age of computerized and remote-controlled video art, my conscious embrace of the “old ways of doing things” in no way negates the positive achievements gained by modern visual art.

In my professional capacity as an animator, I create animation art for the Internet media. This process of editing/creating computerized animation has revealed to me both the positive as well as the negative sides of the computerized technologies used by artists when creating their art.

The multiplicity of versions during the creative process, and the absence of a truly final product made of concrete materials, awakened in me a desire to ‘return’ to the traditional and more tangible elements – paper, pen and ink.

Concentrated and connected work gives a reciprocal affinity between brain-eye-hand-pen that enables one to experience at the molecular level the resistance of the paper, the quantity and density of the color, and the calculated movement that allows you to arrive at the desired result; in addition, the old methods and motifs, and even the compositions of the old artists themselves, which relate closely to the modern paradoxical views on art, politics and life itself, richly seasoned with black humor – all this is what provides the basis upon which to view my work, as something unique and “unrecyclable”.

The singularity of each line, each dot on paper, these are the elements that signify and represent each work, giving each one its own original character.


Tenno Pent Sooster

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