Yuriy Ostrovsky-Golovash


Born in 1934, Ukraine, city of Kharkov. Began drawing at age of 3, using kindergarden’s crayons, at age of 12 started to study painting at Kharkov’s “Pioneer’s Hall”. At 16 accepted to art school, after 5 years – to Kharkov’s College of arts. In 1965 gratuated college’s art program and invited to stay as a teacher. Worked at that position for 10 years.
Worked for many years in field of books art and print graphics. In 1964 been invited to work as art editor of republican publishing house “Prapor”.
From 1964 participated in local and nation-wide presentations.
From 1970 – member of USSR’s national art union, taking part in all its expositions, done work in field of estamp, poster and monumental-decorative design.
My teachers – known Ukrainian artists, painters and experienced educators: V. Seleznev, G. Bondarenko, M. Fradkin, V. Mironenko. My first mentor at drawing V. Umanetz rooted inside me the love for drawing, color and the way of artistic thought.
Until 1991 engaged in active social work: chief secretary of KOSK, taking part in many art unions and cometees.
1991 – repatriation to Israel, participated in exhibitions and competitions around the state.
1993-2005 – living and working in Art Village of Sa-Nur, cultural center of Russian-speaking artists in North Shomron, conglomerate of all of the different national and regional art schools and styles of Soviet Union, mix of many professional, social, cultural and mental ways. It is the most fruitful time. Taking part in many international exhibitions and competitions.
Personal exhibitions: Ashdod 1992 (Municipal art gallery “Beit Ali”), Tel Aviv 1994 (House of Art), Jerusalem 1998 (Center of Jewish Youth), 2000 (Theatre of Jerusalem), New York 2004 (Art Gallery Williamsburg), Israel’s Knesset 2005.
Currently live and work, without the loss of creative potential, in Jerusalem.

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