Events / Exhibitions

Leonid Zeiger. “Knight, Lady, Dragon”

19.02.2017 · Events / Exhibitions

A personal exhibition by Leonid Zeiger “Knight, Lady, Dragon” was opened on June 16th at the Jerusalem gallery “Agripas 12″. Text: Tali Ben Nun. Closing: July 11th.
[» » »]

The Wandering Jerusalem. Leonid Zeiger

10.04.2015 · Events / Exhibitions

A personal exhibition by Leonid Zeiger “The Wandering Jerusalem” was opened on April 8th at the Jerusalem gallery “Agripas 12″. Text: Irena Gordon. Closing: May 4th. [» » »]

Art Comes Out. Nachlaot

Photo: Lena Smelansky
18.04.2014 · Events / Exhibitions

April 16th, 2014, the “Jerusalem Chameleon Society” conducted a street exhibition “ART COMES OUT”.

Participating artists: Anatoly Basin, Alexander Galitsky, Izmail Galin, Zvi Tolkovsky, Leonid Zeiger, Max Epstein, Oded Zaidel, Julia Shulman, Gennady Zechmaister, Sasha Naumov.
Concept and curatorship: Leonid Zeiger [» » »]

Julia Shulman. Colour & Figures

7.12.2013 · Events / Exhibitions

Exhibition by Julia Shulman opened January 2nd 19:00, at the Jerusalem House of Quality (Derech Hebron 12). [» » »]


Photo: Leonid Zeiger
1.11.2013 · Events / Exhibitions

“PNINA” the closing event of “Manofim-6″ in Jerusalem was a joyful and inspirational evening filled with surprises.
Leora Wise, the artist who dreamed and realized “Pnina “created a rare event, one that was wonderful both for its beauty and its strangeness, a six-hour-long colorful and unexpected treat. [» » »]

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