Art Comes Out

18.05.2015 · Projects

“Art Comes Out” video – an overview of actions that took place in Jerusalem and the Judean desert during 2014 and the beginning of 2015. [» » »]

Leonid Zeiger. Jerusalem Syndrome

Photo: Lena Smelansky
2.03.2014 · Projects

The one-painting exhibition “Jerusalem Syndrome” took place on March 1st in the Old City. This was the second in series of art actions, that I am planning to carry out on the streets of Jerusalem. [» » »]

Art collection of the Florensky family

Genady Ustugov
8.10.2013 · Projects

Artist – collector of art: are there differences vis-à-vis a “regular” collection?
In our publication “Artists Collecting Art” from May 23rd 2012, this was the central issue. Jan Rauchwerger said then: “Artists, it seems, choose to collect in need of a beneficial energy; they search for ‘soul food’, conversation, company, a kind of security that will allow them to maintain a dialogue. [» » »]

Zvi Tolkovsky.Аrtist book

14.06.2013 · Projects

Zvi Tolkovsky has been creating artist books for many years. Nowadays, he is working on a first publication of his artist book. Towards the launching of this book, planned for the end of 2013, we decided to publish materials from Zvi’s artist books, including selected layouts from the future publication. [» » »]

Leonid Zeiger. Five canvases: in process

Canvas2, stage1
28.05.2013 · Projects

For many years I have been taking photographs at each stage of my work on canvas. Sometimes the painting changes to the point of being unrecognizable: interesting metamorphoses hide under the new layer of paint and remain only in digital format. [» » »]

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