Anatoly Basin. 30×40,2012

25.04.2013 · Projects

Throughout his long career, Anatoly Basin has been stretching canvas and preparing it for work all by himself, using classic recipes: linen canvas, fish glue, chalk, white pigment. [» » »]

Michael Kovner. Ezekiel’s world

24.03.2013 · Projects

Michael Kovner, an Israeli artist, is presented in our site, under “Interviews”. During the last four years, Michael has been working, in addition to painting, in a new sphere for him – comics. The result of this extremely personal project is a 145 pages book “Ezekiel world”. The following text is a foreword to the book, written by Michael Kovner. [» » »]

Alexander Florensky. Jerusalem, winter 2013

17.01.2013 · Projects

In December 2012 – January 2013, I visited Jerusalem for the fourth time, with a kind of “unofficial visit”. [» » »]

Olga Kundina. “Central Bus Station”.

9.11.2012 · Projects

Olga Kundina has been working lately on a new series depicting the Central Bus Station of Tel Aviv. As usually, Olga’s work is intrinsically connected with her immediate surroundings. She uses sketches from nature and photos as a basis, further abstracting it, in a search of a clear “visual formula” of the object. [» » »]

Jan Rauchwerger – a sculptor

10.08.2012 · Projects

During one of our visits at the studio of the Israeli painter Jan Rauchwerger, I noticed shelves with statuettes made of ceramic clay. My initial assumption that this is part of Jan’s personal collection, proved wrong – all these works were created by Jan himself. [» » »]

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