Jerusalem Plein-Air

31.03.2012 · Projects

The international Jerusalem Plein-Air project is launched! Participating: Alexander Florensky, Tatyana Sergeeva (Russia), Tutu Kiladze (Georgia), Anatoly Basin, Leonid Zeiger, Olga Kundina (Israel). [» » »]

Leonid Zeiger. Drawings in large format.

Street Art project, Jerusalem, 2014
14.01.2012 · Projects

The first two works of this series I created for “The Dark Side” exhibition at the Agripas 12 Gallery. One of the canvases was presented at the exhibition, stretched beneath the ceiling. [» » »]

Asya Lukin is working on a new film

19.12.2011 · Projects

In one of the most picturesque places of Jerusalem – Ein Kerem, at the Mamuta, Daniela Passal Art and Media Center, Asya Lukin is working on a new animation film. The idea was inspired by the S.Y. Agnon story “Another Face”. [» » »]

Boris Katz.The Mask

12.09.2011 · Projects

I am pulling off the mask!
Boris Katz
[» » »]

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