Sasha Galitsky. Afro

11.06.2011 · Projects

Sasha Galitsky has filmed himself on a candid camera!

[» » »]

Julia Shulman – photo etude

14.05.2011 · Projects

Julia Shulman was traveling in Ukraine and Belarus during the summer of 2010. The artist could not pass by such a burst of color. Julia was deeply impressed by all these shamefulness pinks, light blues and greens, it seemed like a huge underwear. The following photos were shot during this trip, with the exception of one, with the gray bags. We included this one just for the sake of the color blot. [» » »]

Eugene Zhilinsky. “Rock Testament”

27.04.2011 · Projects

Eugene Zhilinsky graduated from architectural faculty of the Leningrad State Academy of Fine Arts in 1986 and was about to start the ordinary carrier of certified artist-architect. Work in a firm, design contest project, take part in an art shows… Once he has participated at the 9-th International Architecture Biennial in Sofia (Bulgaria), and decided to leave the USSR afterwards. In 1991 he moved with his family to Jerusalem. Those were the years when Eugene was a member of art group called “The Battle Elephants”, founded by Alexander Rappoport. [» » »]

Alexander Floresky – Michael Korol. Jerusalem ABC’s.

25.01.2011 · Projects

The idea of Jerusalem ABC’s was born exactly one year ago, February 2010. The poet Michael Korol has met with the artist Alexander Florensky, during the first visit of Florensky to the Holy Land. On that occasion the idea was born – to create an album, each page corresponding to a letter of the Russian alphabet and presenting a certain sight of Jerusalem. [» » »]

Boris Katz. “La femme”

20.12.2010 · Projects

Creating a woman from clay proved to be quite a difficult task. I probably should have started with a man…

Boris Katz [» » »]

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