Leonid Zeiger. Very private collection

Gypsum form of my face, taken by Boris Katz on February 2nd 1995
8.11.2010 · Projects

My life of roaming from one rental apartment to another started in 1980 when I enrolled in an art school at the age of 15.
Each time after moving to a new apartment I began to gradually make it more comfortable for myself, i.e. I began to turn it into my HOME. I would repaint the walls, place my books and albums on shelves and hang paintings, but, to a great extent, it is special things brought by me from one apartment to another that made each apartment my home. Over the years, a collection of the OBJECTS OF MY HOME was thus gathered. These photos constitute only a small part of this collection.

Leonid Zeiger
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Anatoly Basin. Six paintings, the same plot.

6.10.2010 · Projects

Anatoly himself admits that there are about five or six “plots” altogether, which he has been drawing for all his life. The artist returns to the same idea over and over again, but despite the resemblance of palette and composition, each new canvas brings about a unique solution of the theme. Judge for yourself.

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Four stages of a canvas (L.Zeiger)

31.07.2010 · Projects

There are canvases that “sit” there unfinished for years. This is one of them. I tried to work on it several times, putting it off eventually, unsatisfied.
This time around, I think it’s done.

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