The Wandering Jerusalem. Leonid Zeiger

10.04.2015 · Events / Exhibitions

A personal exhibition by Leonid Zeiger “The Wandering Jerusalem” was opened on April 8th at the Jerusalem gallery “Agripas 12″. Text: Irena Gordon. Closing: May 4th. [» » »]

Leonid Zeiger: IN PROCESS

19.10.2013 · Events / Exhibitions

October 17th a solo exhibition by Leonid Zeiger “IN PROCESS” was opened in the Jerusalem Gallery “Agripas 12″. The exhibition is part of the “Manofim 2013″ events. Curator: Katya Oicherman. The exhibition will be open till November 12. [» » »]

Exhibition of Lena and Oded Zaidel, May 2012 – video

9.03.2013 · inner page

Joint exhibition of Lena Zaidel “Monastery” and Oded Zaidel “Surface”. Curator: Yonatan Amir. May 2012, Agripas 12 gallery, Jerusalem.

Scapegoat. Leora Wise exhibition

19.02.2013 · Events / Exhibitions

A solo exhibition by the artist Leora Wise took place at the Jerusalem gallery “Agripas 12″. The exhibition “Scapegoat” presented a series of 9 etchings, 29.5×21 cm (2010) and an installation (2012-2013). Goat organs sculptured from cloth – Shira Wise. Curator: Leonid Zeiger. [» » »]

Shir Shvadron – Paintings

1.12.2012 · Events / Exhibitions

November 29th a personal exhibition of Shir Shvadron was opened in the Tel-Aviv Artists House – “Shir Shvadron – Paintings”. Curator: Yuval Kaspi. The exhibition is open till December 23rd. [» » »]

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