Julia Shulman. Colour & Figures

7.12.2013 · Events / Exhibitions

Exhibition by Julia Shulman opened January 2nd 19:00, at the Jerusalem House of Quality (Derech Hebron 12). [» » »]

Leonid Zeiger: IN PROCESS

19.10.2013 · Events / Exhibitions

October 17th a solo exhibition by Leonid Zeiger “IN PROCESS” was opened in the Jerusalem Gallery “Agripas 12″. The exhibition is part of the “Manofim 2013″ events. Curator: Katya Oicherman. The exhibition will be open till November 12. [» » »]

Tatyana Sergeeva

7.08.2013 · Visiting Artists

We met Tanya Sergeeva (b. 1976, Leningrad) for the first time in the framework of the project “Jerusalem Plein-Air” in April 2012. We immediately felt as if we had known each other for a long time. That’s why, having arrived to Saint Petersburg after an absence of 23 years, we visited Tanya on the first day. [» » »]

Leonid Zeiger. Five canvases: in process

Canvas2, stage1
28.05.2013 · Projects

For many years I have been taking photographs at each stage of my work on canvas. Sometimes the painting changes to the point of being unrecognizable: interesting metamorphoses hide under the new layer of paint and remain only in digital format. [» » »]

Shir Shvadron – Paintings

1.12.2012 · Events / Exhibitions

November 29th a personal exhibition of Shir Shvadron was opened in the Tel-Aviv Artists House – “Shir Shvadron – Paintings”. Curator: Yuval Kaspi. The exhibition is open till December 23rd. [» » »]

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