Zvi Tolkovsky.Аrtist book

14.06.2013 · Projects

Zvi Tolkovsky has been creating artist books for many years. Nowadays, he is working on a first publication of his artist book. Towards the launching of this book, planned for the end of 2013, we decided to publish materials from Zvi’s artist books, including selected layouts from the future publication. [» » »]

Meetings with Zvi Tolkovsky

23.05.2011 · interviews

Zvi Tolkovski is an Israeli artist, curator, teacher, collector. We wanted to meet Zvi since long ago, even before we initiated, due to his unique artistic style and wide cultural baggage.
We had met Zvi at his studio at Dereh Hebron st., Jerusalem, and also later, when he moved to a new studio at Givat Shaul. We asked for Zvi’s opinion on contemporary art in Israel and abroad, inquired about his artistic methods, the experience as a teacher at the Betzalel Arts Academy, and also about his collections. [» » »]

Zvi Tolkovsky – CV and exhibitions

23.05.2011 · inner page

1934 Born in Israel / 1956-59 Studied at the Bezalel School of Arts and Crafts, Jerusalem / 1957,58 America –Israel foundation Grant / 1959-61 Studied and worked in Paris / 1966-67Lived and worked in New York and studied at Art Student League/ 1968-2001 Lecturer at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem / 1968 Established a screen printing workshop at the Bezalel Academy, Jerusalem / 1969 Jerusalem Prize for Painting / 1970 Established the Print Workshop at the Artists’ House, Tel Aviv / 1979-81 Lived and worked in Boston and San Francisco / 1984 Artist’s Book, edited by Mordechai Omer, published by Bezalel Academy; Art critic, “Kol Ha Ir”, Jerusalem / 1985-88 Head of the Fine Arts Department, Bezalel Academy, Jerusalem / 1986 “Paper. Art and Technology”, / 1990 Artist-in-residence,Cite Internationale des Arts, Paris.
/ 1994 Curator of the exhibition “mutual Feedback: Painting / Sculpture / Print”, Jerusalem Print Workshop; The Minister of Education and Culture Award; Curator of “Art Focus”, Artists’ House, Jerusalem / 2000 Curator of the exhibition “33×33″, Artists’ House, Jerusalem / 2002 Artist in Residence Taipei, Taiwan/ 2004 Mordechai Ish-Shalom Prize for Life’s Work, Jerusalem / 2007Established the Paper Workshop at Bezalel Academy; Prize of the Ministry of Education for Painting.

Selected solo exhibitions

1962 Rina Gallery, Jerusalem; Museum of Modern Art, Haifa / 1965 Rina Gallery, Jerusalem / 1969Gordon Gallery, Tel Aviv; Artists’ House, Jerusalem / 1972 Graphic Art Gallery, Tel Aviv; Gallery of Modern Art, Old Jaffa / 1975 Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Helena Rubinstein Pavilion / 1977 Julie M. Gallery, Tel Aviv / 1978 Hirschberg Gallery, Boston; Gallery of the Kala Institute, Berkley, California / 1979 Source Gallery, San Francisco / 1980 Julie M. Gallery, Tel Aviv; Gallery of the Kala Institute, Berkley, California / 1982 Radius Gallery, Tel Aviv / 1984 “Works on Paper”, Jerusalem Print Workshop / 1985 Artists’ house, Jerusalem; Alon Gallery, Jerusalem / 1988 J. Robert Fisher Hall, Mishkenot Sha’ananim, Jerusalem / 1989 Meimad 2 Gallery, Tel Aviv; Kibbutz Cabri gallery / 1990 “Nueima”, Israel Museum / 1997 Art Space Gallery, Jerusalem / 1998 Novy Svet Gallery, Prague/ 1999 The Haifa University Gallery / 2000 Konrad Adenauer Gallery, Hanover; “Seelze”, installation, Hanover / 2001 David Yellin Teachers Seminar’s Gallery, Jerusalem / 2002 Leopold Richter Gallery, Hanover / 2003 Artspace Gallery, Jerusalem / 2004Slavonice Gallery, Czech Republic / 2005 “Twenty Out of Seventy”, Artists’ House, Jerusalem; “Reality and Fiction”, Jerusalem Print Workshop Gallery, Israel / 2006 “Diversity”, Vltavin Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic; Oranim Institute, Tivon, Israel. 2008 misrad gallery tel aviv, “intensive care” artist books. /2008 venta gallery jerusalem, “obsessive care”.

“Presently Speaking” – Israeli Outsider Art

Dan Alon
22.10.2010 · Events / Exhibitions

Kayma Gallery opens its third year with “Presently Speaking” – a group exhibition of painting, drawing and sculpture, raising the issue of Contemporary Outsider Art in Israel. The exhibition brings together formally educated artists, self taught artists and artists working in the protected workshops of Akim (the National Association for the Habilitation of the Mentally Handicapped in Israel). [» » »]

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