Mikhail Yakhilievich’s “Forty Years Later” project is inherently conceptual: it is not a pure thought barely illustrated by some “objects” that has been depicted, but rather a kind of a plastic solution, paradoxical and unexpected, which merges the works by Misha, the child prodigy, painter Meir Axelrod’s grandson, and those by Mikhail, a mature artist, into a new entity.

As a child he was living in Moscow; as a mature person the artist has been living in Israel, to which he immigrated in 1990. The project thus amalgamates the two creative periods separated by a 40 year gap.

I should mention that not everybody would dare to look into that abyss – to conduct such a risky experiment upon oneself. What if it reveals that the child’s careless spontaneous intensity and freedom of expressing his or her feelings have gone irrevocably? Or what if it becomes clear that the artist as a grown up person has nothing to do whatsoever with himself as a child? read more>

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Michael Yakhilevich

Album “40 years later”
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