Wastes, empty spaces – lonely figures, airplanes, cars and boats emerge here and there in the void. The artist treats the space with great awareness, placing only carefully chosen images into its emptiness. And still, it is the tense void that has always been the main character of Yahilevich’s paintings. In his works, Yahilievich combines actual and universal elements. At first glance, one can recognize all the details easily: an airport, a swimming pool, Maale-Adumim’s landscape. Yet, at the same time, one gets an impression that it is not only “here”, but also somewhere else, in an universal cosmic space that the action takes place. People and objects featured in the paintings are not what they might look like. They are just symbols, signs of a secret alphabet. They are inscrutable hieroglyphs that convey a covert mystic meaning. read more>

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Michael Yakhilevich

Album “Bon voyage”
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