Photo Archive. Turkey

8.06.2012 · People and Places

Cappadocia – an area in the center of Turkey, with unique geological formations. It reminded me the landscape in Byzantine and Russian icons. Early Christians, fleeing persecution, have settled there, digging in the soft limestone hidden cells, churches and underground “cave cities”. In a place called Derinkuyu, the underground system is eighth levels deep. [» » »]

Julia Shulman – photo etude

14.05.2011 · Projects

Julia Shulman was traveling in Ukraine and Belarus during the summer of 2010. The artist could not pass by such a burst of color. Julia was deeply impressed by all these shamefulness pinks, light blues and greens, it seemed like a huge underwear. The following photos were shot during this trip, with the exception of one, with the gray bags. We included this one just for the sake of the color blot. [» » »]

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