Eugene Zhilinsky. “Rock Testament”

27, April 2011 · Projects

Eugene Zhilinsky graduated from architectural faculty of the Leningrad State Academy of Fine Arts in 1986 and was about to start the ordinary carrier of certified artist-architect. Work in a firm, design contest project, take part in an art shows… Once he has participated at the 9-th International Architecture Biennial in Sofia (Bulgaria), and decided to leave the USSR afterwards. In 1991 he moved with his family to Jerusalem. Those were the years when Eugene was a member of art group called “The Battle Elephants”, founded by Alexander Rappoport. In addition to this cool title, “Elephants” were bounded only by friendship. Being one of the “Elephants”, Eugene created large narrative oil paintings. After a number of shows “The Battle Elephants” broke up and its members dispersed to various parts of the world.
Eugene continued his architectural carrier working for Jerusalem Institute of Urbanism. In 2000, he suddenly moved to Canada, where he was engaged in architectural illustration. Even though, ties with Israel were never lost and Eugene visits Jerusalem from time to time claiming the city his second – after Leningrad – home. During his last stay in Jerusalem in 2005 he created (in collaboration with Tatiana Yuditskaya) “Editions Tchai” – publishing group, which produces comic books. In less than 6 years of publishing together, they produced about 10 different titles.There were self-biographical graphic novels and short stories in pictures, and travel sketches and diaries,and even a selection of memoirs and essays. We present to you part of the new comic book project by Eugene Zhilinsky – “Rock Testament”, which comes out this May.

Eugene Zhilinsky about the “Rock Testament”:

How can I describe this story in a best way?
Option One: A country boy comes to the capital. Along the way he meets a group of talented musicians and becomes the leader of the band. He says he’ll make them famous, but it doesn’t seem to be working out.
Option Two: Cool epic about Jerusalem Syndrome. Starring David Ro, Dooley Band and Shakespeare (Bosoy)
Option Three: It’s encyclopedia of wisdom, where every line is a quote.
What about reality?
Thus was brought among musicians of “Dooley” band – the fire burning in the copse on the edge of the Holy Cross Valley (Emek ha-Matzleva). And so we sat there, a really good company – from twenty to fifty people of different ages and different levels of acquaintance to each other. Surprisingly no one was silent! The live communication was going on, a one that is possible only among very close friends, with a keen understanding of each other and, above all, who love each other. And I realized then that this very scout-alike, ultimately from childhood, kind of friendship is possible only in this very city. And that is exactly what the Jerusalem Syndrome is all about! Exactly this kind of open possibility to catch a bit of alternative life – not the Messiah waiting! And it’s called “Syndrome” because many already and long ago experienced that feeling.
Then I just put together all those whom I knew in this city and just drew the story.

Jerusalem watercolor, 2005

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  1. Жилиныч
    29.04.2011 в 3:11 pm

    I’ve got the book yesterday from the print house and it looks fabulous!
    First time seen here –
    Then therefor will be updates.

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