1, November 2013 · Events / Exhibitions

“PNINA” the closing event of “Manofim-6″ in Jerusalem was a joyful and inspirational evening filled with surprises.
Leora Wise, the artist who dreamed and realized “Pnina “created a rare event, one that was wonderful both for its beauty and its strangeness, a six-hour-long colorful and unexpected treat.

Firstly, there was the courtyard itself: Beit Israel , the oldest of Nachlaot courtyards is in itself a magical place. In Agripas 12, Jerusalem’s most prominent cooperative gallery, there’s a new exhibit of Leonid Zeiger «IN PROCESS». Around the perimeter of the courtyard were tables with the wares of the workshops which are permanent fixtures in the courtyard; a seamstress, window glazier, second hand clothes store, hair stylist, cooks and an Ethiopian restaurant in the midst of art installations and amazing musicians.

The cornerstone of the evening was the personal and intimate presentations of eight artists – Shai Azoulay, Sasha Okun, Hannan Abu- Hussien, Hadassa Goldvicht, Chaya Ruckin, Elham Rokny, Tamar Shippony, Tsila Hassine.

Each artist gave the audience a seven minute glimpse into their creative lives and passions and the sources of their art. Their stories were spun, tales told through words, music, juggling and video and the images were projected on to a large screen. Their short but rich offerings shared with the audience their very individual personalities. Woven together, the whole performance became like a rug of an intricate weave. The presentations themselves became an installation piece with Leora Wise’s creative tutelage and vision.

Nino Biton and the Mugrab orchestra, North African music with a taste of the Blues, ended the event with a two hour performance that warmed up the very chilly Jerusalem autumn evening.

Zohar Trifon
Translated by Shelly Rosen

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