Sergey and Olga Kamennoy. Тhe album of a discharged soldier .

25, July 2017 · News, Visiting Artists

We are glad to present “ Тhe album of a discharged soldier” – a collective project of Sergey and Olga Kamennoy, artists who live and work in France since 2003.

A short introduction by Sergey about the project and the artists themselves:

It so happened that Olga and I started working together, even though she hadn’t gone through any formal artistic education. But in fact, she has been self-educating with such a speed, that nowadays no project is executed without her participation. Moreover, since I am color-blind, all aspects related to color fall under her responsibility.

Both of us love theater, exhibitions, second-hand markets and our house in Normandy, which interior we are constantly re-designing. And I can no more imagine myself working alone.

We began the project “The Discharge Album” in 2008. After my son Taras Kamennoy had been recruited to the army in Ukraine I thought about the discharge album* he would create during his military service. What kind of album would a young artist, a cynic and a nihilist make? What would he create in this genre of army subculture?

*In the ex-Soviet army subculture, the discharge album is a unique hand-made book that contains photographs, texts and drawings about the army life. It is created by the soldier himself in only one copy.

“T Тhe album of a discharged soldier”, “RODOVID” publishing, Ukraine, Kiev.
The authors specially thank Lidia Lykhach and Misha Pendan for their belief in the project, and Nikolay Shtock for his assistance in design.

Olga Kamennoy

Born 1978.
President of the French Art Association “ADECA”.

Selected exhibitions:
2010 «THE MIDDLE AGES or GOTHICS ХХI». Le Plessis Robinson, France
2009 Personal Exhibition. Museum of Oskar Kokoschka, Pochlarn, Austria.
2008 Kandinsky Prize, Moscow, Russia (together with Sergey Kamennoy)

Sergey Kamennoy

Born 1959.
1974-78 has studied at the Art school.
1978-83 has studied at the Academy of Art, Kharkov.
Member of the French Art Association “ADECA”.

Selected exhibitions:
2016 “Contemporary drawing”. PERMM, Perm, Russia (in cooperation with the Russian Museum, Saint Petersburg)
2013 “Russian Barocco”. Personal exhibition, Marat Gelman gallery, Moscow.
2012 “ANONIMUS”. PERMM, Perm, Russia.
2011 “RODINA”, PERMM, Perm, Russia .
2010 Graphic Biennale “Boomerang”, PERMM, Perm, Russia.
2010 Long list, Kandinsky Prize, Moscow, Russia.
2008 Short-list, Kandinsky Prize, Moscow, Russia (together with Olga Kamennoy)

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