Interview with Jan Rauchwerger

27.03.2011 · interviews

A solo exhibition of Jan Rauchwerger, one of the leading Israeli artists, was opened on March 17 at the Zemack Contemporary Art gallery. We have met Jan at his studio. [» » »]

Interview with Michael Kovner

Michael Kovner
4.12.2010 · interviews

On December 30, 2010 (19:00 – 21:00), Michael Kovner, a well known Israeli landscape painter, will open an exhibition at the Tel Aviv Binat Gallery. We have met Michael at his Jerusalem studio. [» » »]

Alexander Florensky. Interview with Alexander Florensky

12.01.2010 · interviews

Febryary 2010, the Saint Petersburg artist Alexander Florensky, has visited Jerusalem. We use the opportunity to present his works, drawn during this visit, and talk about contemporary art. [» » »]

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