in the studio

At the studio of Vladimir Zagorov

30.08.2013 · Visiting Artists

Vladimir Zagorov is my teacher, the leading instructor of our group at the Department of Monumental Arts in the Vera Mukhina Higher School of Art and Design in Leningrad.

Even by perestroika standards, when suddenly “everything was allowed”, Zagorov’s style of instruction was fairly revolutionary. [» » »]

Shai Azoulay

8.11.2011 · interviews

Shai Azoulay (b. 1971) is among the most interesting and promising Israeli artists . September 2011 he has opened an exhibition “Super Partners”, with Reuven Israel, at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art.

[» » »]

Menashe Kadishman

Menashe Kadishman and Lena Zeiger, Tel Aviv
13.08.2011 · interviews

Menashe Kadishman (1932 – 2015) – one of the most prominent Israeli artists. Has represented Israel at many international art events, such as the Documenta in 1968 and the Venice Bienale in 1978. The following interview was taken at his Tel Aviv studio (in Hebrew). [» » »]

Visiting Michail Grobman

24.06.2011 · interviews

Michail Grobman is an artist, poet and art collector, one of the leaders and an ideologist of The Second Russian Avant-garde. Michail lives in Israel since 1971, where he has founded the group Leviathan and an art periodical. We have visited Michail Grobman and Ira Vrubel’-Golubkina together with Lena and Oded Zaidel. In the video, Michail reads his poetry, Lena and Oded read from Lena’s translations to Hebrew. [» » »]

Meetings with Zvi Tolkovsky

23.05.2011 · interviews

Zvi Tolkovski is an Israeli artist, curator, teacher, collector. We wanted to meet Zvi since long ago, even before we initiated, due to his unique artistic style and wide cultural baggage.
We had met Zvi at his studio at Dereh Hebron st., Jerusalem, and also later, when he moved to a new studio at Givat Shaul. We asked for Zvi’s opinion on contemporary art in Israel and abroad, inquired about his artistic methods, the experience as a teacher at the Betzalel Arts Academy, and also about his collections. [» » »]

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