At Anatoly Zaslavsky studio

31, December 2013 · Visiting Artists

Anatoly Zaslavsky is a natural born artist, to use an old cliché. He can paint a sky with cyan, water with blue grass with green – and yet it would be a truly sophisticated painting. His style hasn’t changed much throughout his professional life. Practically all works are based on concrete situations, and perhaps this assists him to avoid repetition: one couldn’t really pinpoint a coloring or composition characteristic to Zaslavsky. While working with a specific object, whether a landscape or a model, Zaslavsky makes an effort, in my view, to maximize his perception of what it has to offer him, instead of imposing upon the canvas visual ideas prepared beforehand.
It was relatively recently that I discovered for myself the texts of Zaslavsky, written annotations to his paintings. “Non-essential stories about paintings”, from the series “Sudden occurrences”, were initially published in the Russian newspaper “Smena” in 2001. For us, such texts – allowing a rare opportunity to observe the way of thinking of the artist during his work on a painting, his first impression from the landscape – these are materials of unique value. It reflects well the central idea behind the Art-in-process project: an artist speaking about his creative process. Unfortunately, for the moment these texts are available in Russian version only.

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