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“The Dark Side”exhibition. Agripas 12 Gallery

26.01.2012 · Events / Exhibitions

Agripas 12 Gallery openеd a new exhibition: “The Dark Side” featuring 11 of the gallery’s artists alongside 7 guest artists.
Curators: Sara Nina Meridor and Oded Zaidel.

The exhibition is open till March 13th. [» » »]

Solo exhibition by Edward Levin

21.01.2012 · Events / Exhibitions

January 21st, an exhibition of Edward Levin’s paintings was opened at the Jerusalem Artists House. Curator: Jan Rauchwerger. [» » »]


26.11.2011 · Events / Exhibitions

November 24th a solo exhibition by Leonid Zeiger “SUBLIMINAL IMAGE” was opened at the Jerusalem gallery “Agripas 12″. Curator: Zvi Tolkovsky.
[» » »]

The Wonderland Experience: Sasha Galitsky after Gennady Kalinovsky

1.10.2011 · Events / Exhibitions

An exhibition of Sasha Galitsky’ drawings opened at the Youth Wing Library of the Israeli Museum, Jerusalem.

A painting cannot be planned in advance. Art comes without preparation, like a flash of light in a dark room. Like sparks emitted by a fire into a cold, black sky…
–Gennady Kalinovsky

[» » »]

“3 For 10″. Masha Rubin, Maria Pomiansky, Irina Birger

Masha Rubin
26.07.2011 · Events / Exhibitions

Masha Rubin, Maria Pomiansky and Irina Birger are three artists and friends who immigrated
to Israel in the early 1990s. They studied at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem and worked on interrelated and mutually influenced projects throughout the decade. [» » »]

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