Events / Exhibitions

Exhibition of Ira Reichwarger in Ein Harod

20.04.2011 · Events / Exhibitions

A wonderful exhibition of Ira Reichwarger (1951 – 2001) is currently presented in the Museum of Art, Ein Harod (open till May 2011). We have met Galia Bar Or, director and curator of the museum. [» » »]

Michael Yakhilevich , Julia Segal. Before the sunset.

6.02.2011 · Events / Exhibitions

Exhibition by Michael Yakhilevich (paintings) and Julia Segal (sculpture). The exhibition is open till 1.03.11, “Agripas 12″ Gallery, Jerusalem. [» » »]

Traces IV / Caught in the Thicket. The Fourth Biennale for Drawing

Geva Tsibi. Kefiyeh, sketch for wall painting, 2008. Spray paint on block wall 200x200 cm
16.12.2010 · Events / Exhibitions

The Fourth Biennale for Drawing in Israel, initiated by the Jerusalem Artists’ House, has been held since 2001, and has spread out across five galleries in central Jerusalem. [» » »]

“Rosh-Pina – Tel Aviv”. Olga Kundina

29.11.2010 · Events / Exhibitions

On November 18th, a one-person exhibition of works by Olya Kundina, one of the participants in the Art-in-Progress project, was opened in the Rosenfeld gallery, Tel-Aviv. Curator: Zoya Cherkassky. [» » »]

“Four Walls” Exhibition

Tenno Sooster
22.11.2010 · Events / Exhibitions

Four Walls, an exhibition opened November 6th at the “Agripas, 12″ Gallery, Jerusalem, addresses urban landscapes through the perspectives of four artists’ – Lena Zaidel, Boris Yuhvetz, Tenno Sooster and Oded Zaidel. The exhibit features Lena Zaidel and Tenno Sooster’s landscapes and imaginary sceneries incorporating figurative elements, the symbolic images of Boris Yuhvetz‘s, and Oded Zaidel’s refined, borderline abstract paintings. [» » »]

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