22, April 2012 · Events / Exhibitions

“Jerusalem Plein-Air” is a joint initiative of the PAINTING AND DRAWING SOCIETY and the ART-IN-PROCESS project. Participants: Alexander Florensky and Tatyana Sergeeva (Saint-Peterburg), Tutu Kiladze (Tbilisi), Leonid Zeiger, Anatoly Basin (Jerusalem) and Olga Kundina (Rosh-Pina).

The PAINTING AND DRAWING SOCIETY was founded by St Petersburg artists Alexander Florensky and Ivan Sotnikov in July, 2004 during their joint trip to the Solovki Islands. The society is the initiative of artists many of whom are familiar to the general public from well-known art groups of 80-ies such as the MITKI and NOVYE KHUDOZHNIKI.

The PAINTING AND DRAWING SOCIETY sets out to revive traditional artists values during the age of postmodernism. A more specific aim is the propaganda of skills which have entirely disappeared from the arsenal of contemporary art, such as painting and drawing from nature.

The PAINTING AND DRAWING SOCIETY has conducted plein-air seminars in a variety of locations. The most important of these have been in Ferapontovo, Norilsk, Nizhny Novgorod, and Krasnoyarsk in Russia, Kherson in the Ukraine, Tbilisi in Georgia and Kirkenes in Norway.

The artists are consciously distancing themselves from both the kitschy-touristic view of Jerusalem and any kind of social-political context, concentrating on Jerusalem as an artistic challenge only.

A wrap up exhibition of the project was conducted on April 26th at two neighboring (one above the other) flats of Leonid Zeiger and Anatoly Basin, on the Ben Yehuda street, Jerusalem, as a kind of ironic reminiscence of the Leningrad tradition of underground “domestic” exhibitions, end of the 70s – beginning of the 80s.

All works presented at the exhibition were created during the period March 20th till April 20th, 2012.

Curators: Alexander Florensky and Leonid Zeiger.


Part I: Artists

Video:Leonid Zeiger

Part II: Exhibition opening

Camera: Dima Noff. Editing: Leonid Zeiger


Gallery of Alexandr Florensky:


Gallery of works by Tatyana Sergeeva:


Gallery of works by Tutu Kiladze:


Gallery of works by Anatoly Basin:


Gallery of works by Leonid Zeiger:


Gallery of works by Olga Kundina:

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