Tatyana Sergeeva

7, August 2013 · Visiting Artists

We met Tanya Sergeeva (b. 1976, Leningrad) for the first time in the framework of the project “Jerusalem Plein-Air” in April 2012. We immediately felt as if we had known each other for a long time. That’s why, having arrived to Saint Petersburg after an absence of 23 years, we visited Tanya on the first day. Her flat turned out to be an absolutely harmonic continuation of her works (or the other way around). Tanya’s painting reflects her exceptional interest in the objects of her immediate surroundings, gentle and careful handling of them.

Sergeeva graduated from the Saint Petersburg State Art and Industry Academy (the former Mukhina Higher School) in 2006, department of mural painting. Later on, she rediscovered work from nature and figurative painting.

Despite their formal plainness and “naivety”, practically all of her works are very precise in terms of painting and composition. Their flatness and decorativeness reveal depths and subtle complexity for the more attentive observer. The more you watch it, the more “worlds” you discover in it.

Photos of interiors and text: Leonid Zeiger.

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