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“ In each one of his works (TV-films) there is some interesting and original “problem solving”. [E. Bar-Kedma, “Yediot Ahronot”, 1982]
“… Vinitsky has a remarkably sensitive eye for mood and composition; and complete technical control.” [M. Ronen, “Jerusalem Post”,1982]
“The same warmth, simplicity, and inner conviction emanate from his photographs as we hear in Russian songs…” [ I. Nahshon, “Yediot Ahoronot”,1983]
“ The wealth of ideas demonstrated by Vinitsky at this exhibition for another photographer would be sufficient for a life–long achievement” [ Z. Herz, “Maariv”, 1984 ]
“He shapes women bodies using gentle lighting and photographs them as classical marble sculptures… His photographs is not a reflection or portrayal aimed at preserving the existing features of things, but rather a creation of a new reality with value of its own”. [H.Avraham, ”The World of Photography”,1998]
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“Gregory Vinitsky – is an aesthete, apologist of beauty and a real master. His creativity rooted in the world of classical art is absolutely modern and brings joy to its viewers” [Miriam Gamburd, Artist & Lecturer, Bezalel Academy of Arts and Beit Berl College.]

“Gregory Vinitsky may be one of the last photographers who despite the fashion of the day insists on the value of Beauty…” [Dr. Dorit Kedar, Artist & Theorist, The School of Arts - Beit Berl College.]

“By looking at the photographs of Gregory Vinitsky, one can see sophistication, subtlety, and significant links to the history of visual arts. As a true post-modern artist he builds his works around reminiscence about his favorite authors. One can see there Seurat and Van Gogh, Serov and Beardsley…” [Alice Blitental, Art Critic]

“The photographs of Gregory Vinitsky reveal a very personal style of this unusual artist. He disregards the present fashion which admires ugliness and creates images of breathtaking beauty. His favorite subject is the nude and no other photographer has captured the magic of the human body like him”. [Zeev Herz, Curator & Art Critic]

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