Visiting Artists

Asaph Ben-Menahem

9.09.2012 · Visiting Artists

Asaph Ben-Menahem (b.1940, Israel), winner of the Israel Museum ‘Jacob Pins’ Award for Printmaking in 2008, has been widely exhibited in the United States, Israel, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, and The Netherlands, [» » »]

Viktor Sachivko

23.08.2012 · Visiting Artists

Was born in in Abakan (Russia), 1959. Studied at the Krasnoyarsk Architectural Academy (1977 – 1982). Worked as an architect, book illustrator and then a drawing teacher at the Architecture Academy. Since 2000 is working as chief of the department of contemporary art at the Krasnoyarsk museum centre. [» » »]


Обезоруживающая улыбка. Disarming smile. 1988
13.07.2012 · Visiting Artists

Alexander Djikia was born in 1963 in Tbilisi, Georgia. Graduated from the Moscow Architectural Institute. From 2000 to 2007 has been teaching at the Bilkent Univercity, Ankara, Turkey. Lives and works in Moscow.

Djikia is a graphic artist, in my opinion – one of the key figures of Russian art during the Perestroika period. His art is rooted in the culture of absurdism – he is justly compared with the late poet Daniil Kharms. [» » »]

Ushangi Khumarashvili and Vakho Bugadze

Vakho Bugadze
24.02.2012 · Visiting Artists

In the fall of 2010, my wife and I conducted a mini-expedition to Georgia. Our main goal was to meet artists, whose works we knew only from the Internet.

In this article it seemed appropriate to combine two artists of different ages and temperaments, whose paintings nevertheless “work” together quite well, in my opinion. [» » »]

Zinaida Pozdnyakova

21.09.2011 · Visiting Artists

Zina Pozdnyakova. “World Markets” series. [» » »]

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