Visiting Artists

Tatyana Sergeeva

7.08.2013 · Visiting Artists

We met Tanya Sergeeva (b. 1976, Leningrad) for the first time in the framework of the project “Jerusalem Plein-Air” in April 2012. We immediately felt as if we had known each other for a long time. That’s why, having arrived to Saint Petersburg after an absence of 23 years, we visited Tanya on the first day. [» » »]

Kote Sulaberidze and Murtaz Shvelidze

Helicopters Over Kartli
16.07.2013 · Visiting Artists

During our trip to Georgia in 2010, we met a whole bunch of Tbilisian artists. We have already published works by three of them on our site (Misha Shengelia, Ushangi Khumarashvili and Vakho Bugadze). We would like to present now Kote Sulaberidze and Murtaz Shvelidze – two artists, who are very different from each other in style and approach, but united, in my view, by a post modernistic thinking. [» » »]

Damir Muratov

Мечты о Кубе.2008.х.м.
4.03.2013 · Visiting Artists

Damir Muratov is undisputed leader of Siberian pop art. He lives and works in Omsk – a three-hour flight from Moscow, which he visits only every few years. But, being geographically distant from the international centres of culture, Damir does not droop and uses local specificities as one of his art’s components. [» » »]

Alexander Shishkin

5.02.2013 · Visiting Artists

Alexander SHISHKIN was born in Leningrad in 1969. In 1989 having graduated from the Architectural Technical School, he entered both, the Architectural Institute and the Leningrad State Institute of Theatre, Music and Cinematography (speciality – an art-director). [» » »]

Magomed Kazhlaev

Chairs Inclined. 1996  ink, mixed technique. 62 х 43
20.12.2012 · Visiting Artists

Born on 18 June 1946 in the village of Kazi-Kumukh in Dagestan (Kaukasus). Studied at the Dagestani Art School and then at the Moscow Polygraphic Institute. Since 1971, took part in art exhibitions in Dagestan and Moscow. In the 1970s, participated in exhibitions of non-conformist art in Moscow. Worked at the Dagestani Art Foundation and also in the Moscow region, teaching at a children’s art studio.Lives and works both in Moscow and Makhachkala.
[» » »]

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