Visiting Artists

Olga Florenskaya. RUSSIAN DESIGN

10.07.2011 · Visiting Artists

… and immediately made a suspicious-looking
telephone out of two twigs…
M. Bulgakov, “Master and Margaret”

…Bits of rope of no practical use. J. M. Montgotfier (as quoted by a withess)
We’ll collect the metal scrap To feed the furnace to make the guns To turn the enemy tanks and guns Into heaps of metal scrap.
S. Marshak [» » »]

Igor Tishin. From “Line of Soutine” series

3.06.2011 · Visiting Artists

What is a dialog among artists? What is special about it?

In my opinion, the series “Line of Soutine” by Igor Tishin is a fine example of such a dialog. Igor is obviously not the first artist who had turned to Soutine in his artistic oeuvre. It would be enough to mention such coryphaeus’s as Francis Bacon and Willem de Kooning. However, this work is not reminiscent of what has already been done, it is original, with a very special, Tishin kind of humor. [» » »]

Yossi Waxman

7.05.2011 · Visiting Artists

Yossi Waxman is an Israeli artist. He lives in the artists village of Ein Hod on Carmel Mountain, and show his works in the village main gallery. [» » »]

Misha Shengelia

4.04.2011 · Visiting Artists

Misha Shengelia lives in Tbilisi, Georgia. [» » »]

Feodor Nathaniel Bezzubov. Nine moons in air perspective

16.03.2011 · Visiting Artists

When we received materials from Feodor Bezzubov, I had a sudden recollection of an old television show, many years ago in Russia – it was called “Hello! We are looking for talents”. Our site already features three members of the Bezzubov family: Gennady Bezzubov under “Literature” (in the Russian version of the site), Olga-Avia Kasyanenko and their son Nechemia Boaz under “Plastic Arts”. The older son Feodor Bezzubov is a talented designer and teacher of drawing and industrial design. We would like to present his project “Nine moons in air perspective”. [» » »]

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