Visiting Artists


30.10.2010 · Visiting Artists

David Dector was born in Moscow in 1961.
Lives in Jerusalem since 1975.
Graduated from Hebrew University in Islamic Studies.
Travelled in Asia.
Writes poetry and short stories.

In 2006 together with the photographer Julia Komissaroff opened the Jerusalem Seminar of Photography. [» » »]

Gennady Zechmaister

8.08.2010 · Visiting Artists

A leap into the water
The first time I saw Sezannes Painting ” The Gardner Vallier ” 1906, I told myself “this is how I want to paint”.

At the age of 21, I jumped into the water: I started painting. An inner voice told me that first I must learn how to paint.”first paint then learn”I replied in return. [» » »]

Ella Bishevsky

Archangel Gabriel and Leviafan
21.06.2010 · Visiting Artists

1978 – graduated from The Art College in Dushanbe, Tajikistan.
1978- 1983 Studied Monumental painting in Leningrad.
Lives in Jerusalem since 1990.

[» » »]

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