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Lena Zaidel

Lena Zaidel. “The Image of the Wolf”, “Broken Hearted City Center”.

The Image of the Wolf

The wolves wake Jerusalem from its deep slumber, shaking up its streets and sacred sites. Nothing stays as it used to be where the wolves have passed. The wolves carry the threat on outdated perceptions, threatening the very existence of personal, social or political fanaticism or dogma. They also threaten the tedious daily routine, which dulls one’s senses, vision and thinking. The scenes take place on the fault line between civilization and wilderness and depict the encounter between beastly and cultured. The wolves appear as regiments of the Salvation Army, shaman-healers who grant the city its purity and a new future. The wolves are for a reminder for untamed vitality, nature’s magic, alert instinct and intuition, challenging excessive rationalization and linear thinking. As they run through the city’s streets they are transformed into a sign, a symbol, a magic spell repeated over and over again.

Broken Hearted City Center

In the series “Broken Hearted City Center” (2008 – 2010), the wolves pass through replicated urban spaces. The pieces address the issue of time, as well as visual perception, accompanied by our eyes’ perpetual blinking. The idea of dividing the landscape into segments comes from the phenomenon of blinking. As a result of this division, three tenses – past, present and future – come into simultaneously existence on the drawing’s surface. The series attempts to extend the elements constituting a single moment – “before”, “during” and “after” the wolf – later reconstructing the moment.

Lena Zaidel
Jerusalem, 2009.

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